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Detail Description:
Mica Strip Heaters are designed and manufactured with more than 40 years of experience for superior performance and life expectancy., As a manufacturer specialized in industrial electric heating elements & the desire to provide quality products and services to our customers both OEM’s & End Users, PHP specializes in designing Strip Heaters, Nozzle Heaters, Ceramic Band Heaters  & Mica Band Heaters to your exact specifications. Depending upon applications PHP Strip Heaters are manufactured with high temperature oxidation metal sheath and high grade mica insulation resistant to moisture and high temperatures. A superior grade NiCr resistance wire is evenly wound to provide uniform and reliable heat distribution with  best combination of physical strength, high emissivity & good thermal conductivity, good for sheath temperature up to 2500C. PHP strip Heaters are available with various construction styles with various lead exit options.

Mica Strip Heaters Features :

  • High Temperature oxidation metal sheath.
  • Sealing Equipment.
  • Dia, Mould & other surface Heating Applications.
  • Hot stamping, Hot Plates.
  • For use where surface contact on both side of heater if necessary.

Mica Strip Heaters Applications:

  • Sealing Equipment.
  • Die, Mould & other surface Heating.
  • Hot stamping, Hot Plates.
  • For use where surface contact on both side of heater if necessary.

Post Terminal Dimension and Location.

  • Post Terminal are located 1/4" from edge of heated section either vertical , parallel or at opposite ends
  • Mounting holes may be located anywhere on the  heater as long as there is minimum of 1" between the edge of the hole and one side of the heater.
  • Please Provide drawing for hole dimensions and locations.

Mica Strip Heaters Specification:

   Length   Minimum 65 mm  Maximum - Consult Sales
  Width   Minimum 20 mm
  Thickness   Standard .4 mm
  Fold over   9mm
  Maximum Sheath Temperature   Maximum 350°C
  Mounting Slot   As per sketch
  Terminals   Screw Post terminals or  High temperature  Fiberglass lead exits
  Wattage   Recommended maximum Wattage 35 watts/sq. in.
  Voltage   480 VAC Max

Options Available In Mica Strip Heater:

  • S/S braided leads for flexibility.
  • Single & Two Phase voltage Construction.
  • Custom mounting holes.
  • Ceramic terminal covers.

Mica Strip Heater - Fiberglass Leads

1.Fiberglass leads out same end center.
10” lead standard.
           Leads rated to 850°F.
2.Leads out same end edge.
1/2" Sleeving at exit.
3.Leads out opposite end.
1/2" Sleeving at exit.
4.Leads out at the top of heater.
Brass eyelet where leads exit sheath.
1/2" Sleeving at exit.

Ordering Information

  •  Quantity
  •  Width & Length
  •  Volts & Watts
  •  Lead wire or Post Terminal Design
  •  Mounting Holes or slots
  •  Special construction
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